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Charity & Non-Profit Explainer Videos

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Captivate your audience with an animated explainer

Charities and non-profits have some unique challenges, not least of which is how to convey your messages in a simple, yet powerful way. That might be swaying public opinion, fundraising, connecting with hard to reach groups, or simply explaining what it is you do. Together, we get clear on what you want to communicate, who we need to engage and what makes them tick. Our goal is to produce an animated explainer that simply explains, subtly persuades, and highly engages.

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What our clients say

Every project is unique, and every client different. For us, getting the most out of your video means making the creative process effective and highly enjoyable.

Our rock-solid charity explainer video process

We get clear on what you want to achieve, who we need to reach, and what's most likely to resonate with them. Then we guide you through a rock-solid charity explainer video process, designed to maximise collaboration and ensure you're clear on what to expect, and when.

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We tailor video around your
marketing goals

Explainer videos are undoubtably a powerful way to communicate with your target audience. That said, the more aligned the video is to what you want to achieve, the more success you'll see. For charities and non-profits, there's so many ways video can support your marketing. Let's take a look.

Charity & non-profit explainer FAQs

We're sure you have a bunch of questions, so we've done our best to answer them. These are the most common questions we get asked. Everything from "who owns the rights?" to "how many amends do I get?"

What type of charity explainer videos are there?

The most successful charity explainer videos have a clear goal in mind; be that fundraising, brand awareness, for purely explanatory in nature. This sets us up for the right narrative approach, but there's also the way the video is produced to consider. This will largely come down to your brand guidelines, personal preferences and budget considerations.

What channels can I use my charity explainer video on?

Any and all you like, permitting it meets the specifications for that platform. That said, we'll want to ensure we set you up for success, so will confirm with you use cases in the initial Discovery call. We'll build this into the project plan, and provide optimised media at the end of the project for each platform.

Who owns the rights to my charity explainer?

You will own the copyright to your charity explainer video following final sign-off. It's automatically transferred to you. Often our clients ask for the raw assets too so you can use them in your wider marketing.

How much does a charity explainer video cost?

As you may have already discovered, costs can vary dramatically. Partly due to the skills the team may bring to the project, but mostly it comes down to the amount of project time required to meet your expectations. As a simple example, 3D typically costs more than 3D, and a 2 minute animation will invariably cost more than a 60 second one. We've created a handy guide, complete with project examples and pricing to help you hone in on a budget. See our contact page.

How long is the charity video production process?

We say to allow 6-10 weeks. Before we embark on the project, we'll produce a schedule, which will outline each milestone. This will include when we will send you creative, when we need your feedback, and the sign-off date required to meet to keep to schedule.

What's the charity explainer production process?

First, we'll want to ensure we're clear from the outset. We'll create a solid brief around what you want to communicate, who you want to engage, and what will resonate with your target audience. We've developed a rock-solid charity explainer video process with collaboration as the centrepiece. At each stage, we'll present the creative, talk you through it, and gather your feedback. We'll only move on to the next stage when we're all happy with the direction.

Where will I be able to use my video?

Wherever you like. That said, depending on the initial brief, there may be restrictions relating to licensing. For example, for some paid advertising channels, voice over and music licence fees are more expensive, so unless we've paid for the additional licensing, restrictions may apply. It's also worth noting that we'll want to design media for chosen channels from the ground up to make them most effective.

How long does it to produce a video?

Around 6-10 weeks. Largely, it depends on how much time you'd like to review each stage of the video production process before moving on. For example, some clients are happy with a 2 day sign-off period, whilst others need 4-5. We'll discuss your needs and the best timeline in our initial Discovery call.

How much do your video production services cost?

This is a question (understandably) we get asked a LOT. So to make life easy and give you a sense of how much different types of video production cost, we've created a guide - complete with video examples and their associated costs. Head over to our contact page where you can request our guide.

Do you adapt media for social media?

In our Discovery session, we'll explore where you intend to use the media and then suggest the best approach. For example, if we're creating an Explainer Video, we'll suggest we create some short, looping snippets from the main animation to use on social. These have been shown to be far more effective than posting the full video, however, we encourage you to post all media on social as we've also seen some fabulous results using long-form media too.

Do you handle every aspect of production, inc scripting?

Yes, and it's vital we do. Every part of the production process is always a collaboration with you, so we're more than happy to explore creative routes and pre-prepared scripts. However, the narrative forms the backbone of the creative, and there's lots of nuances that will impact how the video flows, so we'll want to make sure the concept/script aligns with creating exceptional video content.

How many amends do I get?

As many as you like. Seriously. Most production companies will limit you to 3 amends, but we think this is crazy. It's crucial we're all happy with each stage of the process, or we'll be running up hill from there on. That said, we do have one rule. Once you've signed off a stage, we may add additional fees if we're asked to revise that stage later. For example, if we've completed the animation and you ask for a change to the visual storyboard, we'll often charge additional for this as it requires a rework of the animation. It very, very rarely happens though thanks to our rock-solid video production process.

Do you offer video translations for international audiences?

Yes. From the very outset we'll establish if you intend to use the media internationally. For these audiences, we'll want to ensure the script doesn't include any colloquialism or phrases only UK audiences will understand. We'll translate the script into your chosen language and provide you with VO samples. We'll then retime the video to perfect match the intended script pacing.

What are the most effective uses of Explainer Videos?

An Explainer Video tends to be a bit of an umbrella term that encompasses lots of marketing goals. For us, we define an Explainer Video as media designed to increase website conversion rates. They can be used on social media platforms to great effect, however, creating short snippets from the main video tend to be much more effective - and we recommend tailoring them for each platform.

What is a Brand Story?

You can think of a Brand Story like a brand proposition in story form. Where Explainer Videos demonstrate core features/benefits, Brand Stories paint a brand's vision and mission. What did your brand set out to change in the world? And why does this excite your audience? A good Brand Story makes a brand more human.

How do you create high video engagement?

We create engaging video content by getting clear on what you want to achieve, who you want to attract and where you'll be showing your content. One of the things we love most about our industry is that no one part of production process creates engagement on its own. It's truly a team effort - between client and agency - and every part of production; from concept and scripting, to visuals, animation, and sound design.

What types of video do you produce?

Our core mission is to produce video that engages your audience based on what you want to achieve. For increasing website conversion rates, that's often an Explainer Video. For brand awareness, we'll produce a Commerical, Brand Story or Social Ad. For PR Campaigns, we'll produce a range of media to work across different platforms. Everything else is really a subset of these core video types, for example, animated infographics, event videos, motion graphics, video production and 3D/2D animation.

What makes your production process rock-solid?

In our initial Discovery session, we build a firm foundation for all the creative stages to follow. We get clear on what needs to be communicated, your brand guidelines, and the audience we want to engage. Each stage in the production process has been designed with collaboration in mind - and we talk you through our thinking, capture your feedback and upload new versions on a specialist collaborative platform. Most importantly, you'll always know what to expect and when.

What's it like working with you?

Simply wonderful. We believe the whole process should be a joy to be part of. We do what we do because we love to make videos exceptionally effective, and that can only happen if the process is hugely enjoyable for all parties involved. We are curious souls, driven by wisdom and fuelled by creative freedom.

How long does it take to make an animated explainer video?

Animated explainer video production typically takes around 6-10 weeks from the discovery call through to the final sign-off. Creativity can’t be rushed. We want to make sure that at each stage everyone has given feedback, we’re crystal clear on the direction we need to take and you’re completely comfortable before moving to the next stage.

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