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About us

us tick.

We’ve always had a deep fascination with film and TV. But when it came to animated video production for businesses, we felt something was missing. Most videos just didn't cut the mustard, and deliver the outcomes marketers wanted.

So we formed an award-winning team to bring together three core ingredients that make a video successful: strategy, narrative and creative execution. We also built a rock-solid production process to bring one more key component into the mix: you, the client.

First, we define what success looks like, who you’re targeting, and what will resonate with them. Second, we develop a compelling narrative that connects with your audience. Third, we maximise engagement in all aspects of production, from stylistic direction and storyboarding to animation and sound design.

Oh, we almost forgot one more key ingredient—we make the whole process a joy to be part of.

What our clients say

Every project is unique, and every client different. For us, getting the most out of your video means making the creative process effective and highly enjoyable.