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Top 10 B2B videos that are inspirational for how to approach video marketing

Top 10 B2B videos that are inspirational for how to approach video marketing

June 26, 2024

Creating B2B marketing that excels requires a certain skill. Whether that’s interpreting complex services or explaining exciting new products. So let’s take a look at some of the examples that do this best.

What is B2B?

We bat around industry terms so much that we sometimes forget to look at the core of what they stand for. And that from an outside perspective, it just sounds like a lesser known droid from Star Wars. The simple answer is that a B2B video is one that focusses on business-to-business. That can be wholesaler to retailer, or company to company. It can be part of a supply chain, where raw materials or goods are sold to manufacturers. Or further along that chain, manufacturers to outlets.

What’s more, although the word ‘business’ can feel a little loaded, B2B isn’t limited to a handful of industries. It applies to any company, selling or interacting with another company. As long as it’s not an individual consumer, which takes us into B2C (business-to-consumer) territory – but that’s for another post, at another time.

So what makes a video B2B? Is it all just about the content? To a degree, but it’s also about tone. With B2C videos you have to cast a wide net and adjust your manner, presentation and angle accordingly. But with B2B, sure there may be new innovations, products or services, but there’s also a lot of established shorthand. Case in point, a conversation between a company that offers fintech and a bank isn’t going to be held in the same way that said bank will speak to their customers. Even if it’s about the exact same product or service.

As such, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 of the best B2B videos, from explainer videos to brand stories, and beyond. These are examples, from far and wide, which tackle interesting subjects, contain engaging animation or presentation and have truly interesting approaches.

Adobe – Click Baby Click

Starting off, we have a live-action ad, which acts as a prime example of how B2B speaks to its audience. If the average viewer saw this on TV, it would entertain them but it wouldn’t hit in the same way that it would for a company. That’s because in that world, success hangs on risk, speculation and trends. So being unable to interpret this correctly, could result in sending all your resources in the wrong direction – as this video makes comically clear.

IBM – Bones

This one is a little more sneaky. IBM commissioned a video to sell the benefits of their cloud technology. But with a specific focus on fixing broken bones with custom Italian-made implants. The whole look and feel is deceptively B2C until you hear who the narrator is both talking about and to. Then it becomes quickly apparent this isn’t a video for patients or consumers in general.


A magnificent example of pairing simple with whimsical for Mthree. A huge host of diverse images from unicorns to basketballs, even Einstein himself. All of it comes together in an appealing and captivating way.

Hootsuite – Everyone’s On Social

Beautifully presented, dripping with colour and playful designs, Everyone’s On Social creates a feeling of FOMO; but in a good way. It highlights to businesses that Hootsuite is the salve they’ve been looking for all along. As well as showing off the platform in a fun, creative way.


With a minimalist design, simple textures and fantastic transitions, Apeel feels less like a B2B video and more like a wholesome reassurance. Again, illustrating the art of what’s possible with, what could have been, a very sterile or dry brief.

Dropbox - Work In Progress

And transitioning from faux 3D to true 3D, we have this video for Dropbox. Each model created is clean and detailed but simple enough that they don’t overload. Not to mention, the pleasingly tactile weight that is on display in each of the items in motion.


Remember, a business isn’t always limited to stuffed shirts and rows of cubicles. It’s also present in the world of arts. Unlike several other examples on this list, Audoo have a video that lets the music, visuals and on-screen text do the talking.

Benchmark Protocol

For this Benchmark Protocol video, the words ‘rich’ and ‘slick’ are embedded in each and every frame. The script is clearly doing a lot of heavy lifting, but the visuals are what keep you engaged. So when you don’t need the convoluted jargon explained, the visuals need to excite you.

Creative and commercial

B2B isn’t limited to explainers and adverts, there’s also the realm of brand videos. And when businesses are looking for straight-talking solutions or detailed overviews, you have to really stand out. Creative & Commercial do this with an emotional narrative of possibility and a mix of abstract, literal, patterns and textures that excite.


To close this list, let’s talk length. In these fast, heady times, with attention spans diminishing, runtime is so important. As such, Asana commissioned a sweet and charming video that gets across the merits of what their product can do. All in under a minute.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and the beauty of our industry is that so many stunning examples are being created every day. Because B2B isn’t slowing down. In fact, Forrester have forecast B2B eCommerce will hit $1.8 trillion by next year in the US alone! So, who knows, maybe this time next year, we’ll need a new list. We're always adding new examples in our work portfolio too, so head over to get some explainer video inspiration.