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68 video facts marketers need to know

68 video facts marketers need to know

June 26, 2024

With every year, video is becoming more and more sought after. No longer a novelty, it’s a huge part of any good company’s ad budget.

40.3% of businesses said they would increase their video budget in 2022, while 11.8% said they would not. (The remaining 47.9% said they were not sure). [Wistia]

Sales teams are more likely than marketing and customer service teams to utilise and prioritise video platform features that allow users to create personalised video content. [Vidyard]

41% of businesses assign up to 25% of their ad budget to video marketing. 37% use between 25-50% of their ad spend on videos. And 20% of businesses spend between 50-75% of their ad money on video marketing, with only 2% spending upwards of 75%. [Vidico]

40% of businesses surveyed spend $0-500 on a typical video, with the vast majority (97%) spending around $10,000. [Wyzowl]

By contrast, 43% of marketers say their companies spend less than $5,000 on video advertising per month. While. 22%of marketers have stated they spend between $5-10,000 on video advertising per month. And 21% of marketers report that they spend between $10-15,000 on video advertising per month. [Vidico]

Video must always consider the audience

66% of people prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service, while 18% would rather read a text-based blog, article or website. [Elite Content Marketer]

33% of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% around one minute, and 60% by two minutes. [50 Wheel]

The use of video in sales has been reported by 59% of teams, surpassing the distribution of video on YouTube for the first time. [Vidyard]

39% of viewers contact a company after watching a video. [Forbes]

Homebrew or tailor made video?

55% of video marketers create all their own videos in-house
12% hire other agencies and freelancers to create video for them
32% use a mix of in-house and outsourcing

Holding their attention

47% of videos produced are under 2 minutes but only account for 12% of video engagement. 7% of all videos produced are longer than 45 minutes, with those videos accounting for 33% of engagement – largely due to educational instructions and essays. [Twentythree]

Viewers retain approximately 95% of information in a video, compared to 10% of information while reading text. [Insivia]

Shorter videos (0-2 minutes) have an average play percentage of 70-90%. For videos that are 30 minutes or longer, the average play percentage is around 40-50%. [Twentythree]

The benefits of success

93% of businesses secure customers because of videos on social media. [Animoto]

Video is used as a marketing tool by 86% of businesses. [Wyzowl]

84% of marketers said video actively helped to generate leads; with most marketers expecting that number to increase. [Lemonlight]

46% of marketers explained it has become easier to convince others in their business on the value of video content. [Wyzowl]

Traffic to websites rose for 78% of companies using videos. [Renderforest]

87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic. [Wyzowl]

The click through rate of email with a video thumbnail is 62% higher than an email without. [Twentythree]

91% of marketers report satisfaction with the level of ROI their video marketing produces on social media. [Animoto]

18% of video marketers reported using video for the first time in 2021. This is a drop from 24% in 2020. [Wyzowl]

Growing your business with video marketing

Video advertising is the number one way customers are discovering brands and purchasing their products. [Animoto]

82% of marketers say video has helped them increase dwell time. [Wyzowl]

According to What’s New In Publishing, the global video streaming market has experienced a 55% growth.

80% of sales teams recognise the importance of integrating sales engagement technology with video creation and sharing tools. [Vidyard]According to businesses, 60% say leads and clicks are the main indicator of video marketing success. [Wyzowl]

Choosing the correct path

42% of companies use mostly live action video
33% primarily use animated videos
15% mainly use screen recorded videos

Overcoming obstacles

When asked what was holding marketers back from investing in video marketing, 37% claimed budget was the deciding factor. 21% reported nothing was blocking them and they were actively creating the desired amount of videos. 27% said they wanted to create video content but didn’t have the time to create any. And 15% said some other non-specific reason held them back from creating videos. [Vidico]

The road ahead

When asked what type of video companies were set to make next, the response was as follows:

Original Branded Series (15.5%)
Product-Specific/Product Demos (12%)
Case Studies (11.1%)
Company Culture/Company Story (10.6%)
Tutorials (10.3%)
Sales (9.5%)
Virtual Events (8.2%)
Webinars (7.2%)
Personnel Focus (6.9%)
Recruiting (4.4%)
Other (3.4%)

The question is, what’s holding you back from investing in video marketing? From animated explainer videos to headline content for PR Campaigns, video shows its worth time and time again.