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Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing

April 15, 2024

When it comes to video marketing, everyone needs a guiding light. An experienced voice with the knowledge and insight to explain not only what to do, but the importance of why it should be done in that way. Well look no further because we’ve got you covered.

How much does video marketing cost?

Always a difficult question to answer. So much so, we wrote a blog about how much an animated video costs. But let’s talk statistics first. 40.3% of video marketers say they will increase their budgets in 2022 [Wistia]. This indicates a handful of things. One: a complete ringing endorsement of the strength and success of video. Businesses and brands have either had direct, first-hand experience that they want to replicate, or they have seen how their rivals are excelling and want a piece of the action. In fact, 18% of video marketers said they used video for the first time in 2021 [Wyzowl] – which is down from 24% in 2020. Because there are fewer and fewer companies out there who haven’t already taken the leap into the world of video.

It also shows that companies understand the value of a well-made video. It’s not just a case of blindly funnelling money at the project, it’s about partnering with an agency whose work ethic aligns with yours, for the right price. For us, that price is a semi sliding scale, depending on what is required on a project-by-project basis. We offer a range of prices for a range of services. Starting at £8,000, rising to £25,000 and beyond. But every single video we put out is given our full attention and meets our incredibly high standards. For a full breakdown, with examples, be sure to check our pricing guide.

How long should marketing videos be?

This is a question of following both statistics and gut instinct. For years, we have been creating high quality content, so much so that it feels second-nature. We can instinctively look at a video and feel that it is running too long or may need more time to breathe. But this isn’t just opinion or artistic preference, it’s also backed-up with a wealth of statistics and evidence.

Time and again, it has been proven that shorter videos hold people’s attention for longer. Specifically, 0-2 minutes have a play percentage of 70-90% [Twentythree]. And, on average, 62% of viewers remain engaged until the end of a 60 second video [Vidyard]. So unless you’re looking to produce a video essay that runs for hours or a TED talk, keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it on message.

What should I say in my marketing video?

Say what the audience needs to hear. Because that’s what they’ll pay attention to and stay until the end for. There’s a fine line between pandering bluntly and presenting yourself in a reassuring way. But this is what your script needs to do. From the very outset, you need to relate to your audience – to strike a chord within them that makes them say “you’re right, that’s exactly the problem I have!” Because once you establish that connection, you generate a degree of trust. “This company gets me, I’ll see what they have to say.”

From here, you have to keep their attention. No matter how good your opening hook, if you harshly pivot to a sales pitch, that’s likely to turn people off. So instead, keep your message simple. Explain how the thing you specialise in (the product or service you offer) can soothe the viewer’s pain. Then they’ll ask, “how?” So tell them.

But don’t go overboard. The last thing you want to do is to smother a keen viewer with complicated or unrelated features. And finally round it all out with an inspiring final rallying cry, highlighting where they can go to get it! This may sound obvious but if you don’t signpost how your audience can investigate further, you may very well lose that conversion.

Should I choose live action or animated video?

There are a host of tools we can employ for all kinds of projects. 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action video, stock footage, photography, not to mention a hybrid of all the above. Each one requires its own level of expertise and skill to utilise properly. This means that not every project will suit a particular method. For example, you might be launching a niche software as a service (SaaS) product. To represent the user experience, you could film live-action footage, featuring actors using an approximation of the product. But to get into the benefits, maybe metaphor and abstract visuals could be a more memorable and appealing way to illustrate this.

Ultimately, it comes to style and function. Which we address with a series of probing questions during the Discovery phase: What will engage your audience the most? What is the best method of demonstrating your product or service? What is the right look for your budget? And if you peruse our animated explainer video portfolio or our video production gallery, you’ll see the same level of dedication and creativity in each. Because regardless of which is the right fit for your new project, we ensure you walk away with a first rate video.

Why is video important in marketing?

Seeing how much time, effort and money goes into creating each video, it may give you pause for thought. Why do companies like ours invest such care into producing videos for clients? Well, there’s certainly an element of pride involved. We genuinely believe video is not only an effective device, it’s the very best way to communicate with your audience.

Video is important for marketing because it has the scope to be more engaging, memorable and shareable than any other form of media. Again, that’s not just our opinion, it’s a conclusive fact. Wyzowl found that people are twice as likely to share video content than posts, blogs, articles or product pages. And with so many companies aware of this fact and employing it on a daily basis, video should be at the forefront of every marketing campaign.

So whether thinking about a product launch, explaining a service, grabbing attention on social media or standing out at tradeshows and events, video needs to be present.

What to look for in a video marketing agency

And we’ve saved the best until last. All of the above hangs on getting the right fit for you. You need a company that can not only answer the above questions but asks so many more, which makes you reassess how you view and value video.

Like any good relationship, it’s about ensuring communication is strong and clear. That means, aligning on the brief, the direction and the final output. Because if you’re not ready to lean on an agency’s expertise or, similarly, if they don’t make time to hear out your expertise, the video won’t excel where needed.

So when looking for a video marketing agency, you are essentially looking for yourself. A company which is committed to excellence. Someone who will show due care and consideration, with a strong focus on quality. Able to hit deadlines and surpass expectations. We like to think that’s us. Maybe you will too.