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8 Revealing Marketing Stats To Be Aware Of

8 Revealing Marketing Stats To Be Aware Of

January 22, 2024

A little insight can go a long way. But it’s only the best of brands that can read the runes, know which way the wind is blowing and take the necessary action to soar.

The importance of video

Like some ancient mythical creature, marketing has many arms. All of them working frantically to benefit the whole. But let’s be honest, there will always be one limb with a bulging bicep and rippling forearm – the one not only doing a lot of the heavy lifting but also reaping the rewards. And, in our industry, that arm belongs to video.

And it’s apparent to so many companies, as surveys show 92% consider video their most important aspect of any marketing campaign. Whether that’s live-action video production or in animated form, video has been proven to get messages across clearly in the most engaging way.

[Source: Wyzowl]

How long?

There is sound logic in the belief that art should be as long as it needs to be. Three hour long movies, 900 page novels, paintings that barely fit into galleries having been meticulously worked on for a decade. But when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, and grab people’s attention, you have to adhere to what works best.

So, when it comes to average video lengths, what does the data show? Specifically anything over 3 minutes is only beneficial for specific video essays and broader speaking engagements. But if you want to explain a product or service, quickly express who you are or establish your brand as a thought leader, you need to keep it short.

Average video lengths over the years:

< 1 min
2019 – 2,955,356
2020 – 4,971,400
2021 – 5,346,279

1-3 mins
2019 – 1,164,203
2020 – 2,074,353
2021 – 1,657,371

[Source: Wistia]

Filling your shopping cart

We all advocate quality over quantity, right? What’s the use of putting out mountains of content if it’s all generic, bland and ineffective? No one wants to be tarnished by low quality representation. That’s why it’s important to ensure every video you produce excels. But you also don’t need to compromise on how often you accumulate that success.

In fact, there’s been a 261% rise in businesses that are creating more than 51 videos each year! That’s a staggering number. But for growing companies with expanding opportunities, new products and widespread audiences, it makes sense. This is because the results are evident and once you see success in one area, you want to replicate it company wide.

[Source: Vidyard]

Variety is the spice of life

Further to the above point, part of the reason businesses are able to produce such high quantities of video, is down to the varied types of video they are investing in. Whether that’s a product launch, a rebranding or a brand story, brands will always need exciting depictions of what makes them extraordinary.

Over the coming years, here’s the video types that companies are planning to invest their marketing budgets in:

67% Brand videos
56% Product overview videos
40% Social content videos
38% Testimonial videos
25% Culture videos

[Source: Vidico]

Go back, let me see that again

This next point is one which most don’t really think about. We all agree that a good video should entertain. And if it’s so good, others will want to share that experience, sending your video far and wide. But the detail of the script and the visuals are often enough to make people stop to take it all in.

Whether that’s “Hang on, that can’t be right, we could benefit how!?” or “Oh that’s brilliant, play that again” moments, it’s been proven viewers stop to digest the finer points. And it may be more than you think, with 80% of marketers pausing videos during playback.

[Source: Twentythree]

Step right up!

Despite being over one hundred years old, there’s still something alluring and attractive about the moving image. From movies, all the way to their digital evolution: videos, GIFs, lotties, etc. We are drawn to motion. What’s more, that appeal doesn’t dissipate, it acts as a point of authority. How often have you landed on a static webpage without any video content? And, maybe more importantly, how long have you stayed on that site?

Site traffic is something all companies hunt out but video is one of the best (and frankly easiest) ways to secure it. And that’s not just us tooting our own horn, 78% of businesses agree that videos increase traffic.

[Source: Renderforest]

Did you get all that?

Life is full of distractions, and it’s understandable that things get lost. Remembering names at a party, walking into a room for seemingly no reason, or coming home to realise you’ve forgotten the one thing you went to the shops for in the first place. It happens to us all. But when it comes to delivering a strong, clear message about your brand, you can’t take that risk. You need to grab attention in the most effective way possible.

That’s where video comes in, as it absolutely trounces the competition. There’s always a place for a good conversation or well-written blog (hint hint) but, when it comes to retention, video reigns supreme. Especially as viewers have been shown to retain 95% of the message in a video.

[Source: Siteefy]

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Looking forward, companies are always hunting out the latest trends and weeding out the nuggets of gold from the vast speculation. And it seems influencer marketing is stepping up its game. This is likely due to the pairing of the power of video and the authenticity that comes with human endorsement.

As a matter of fact, in the US, 72.5% of marketers are investigating use of influencer marketing. And that number will likely only continue to grow. But for further reading on our thoughts on this, be sure to check out our influencer led branding blog.

[Source: Hootsuite]