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53 Video Marketing Facts

53 Video Marketing Facts

June 26, 2024

Businesses rely on studies to give them a clear indication of how best to divert resources. And video marketing is proven, time and again, to hold a wealth of potential. Explainer videos are probably the most studied, but there is a wealth of data on all kinds of videos.

Video reigns supreme

When it comes to the internet, video absolutely dominates. In fact, one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos [WordStream], with the average person expected to spend 100 minutes per day watching videos online in 2022 [Zenith Media].

TwentyThree’s statistics are taken from thousands of marketing teams around the world and according to their most recent report, they’ve discovered that companies are mostly producing short videos.

Specifically half of all videos, 47% to be exact, are less than 2 minutes long:

47% 0-2 minutes

26% 2-5 minutes

13% 5-15 minutes

8% 15-45 minutes

7% 45+ minutes

And the shortest videos (0-2 minutes) have an average play percentage of 70-90%.

Which industries use video the most?

38% of marketers using video for day-to-day activities, are in the Ecommerce and Retail sectors

18% are from the Software sector

17% come from Internet sectors

Followed by Finance (8%), Healthcare (7%) and Human Resources (3%)

But it’s worth noting the same study indicated there has been a rise in video usage in other sectors, such as:
Real Estate
Corporate Communications

38% of product marketers and 24% of content marketers use video to achieve their goals. Whereas 19% of social media marketers leverage video on a daily basis. [Source: Vidico]

So what are the key motivations inspiring marketers to leverage video content?

56% state driving brand awareness51% listed driving sales

Knowing where your audience is and how best to reach them

63% of marketers believe YouTube is the best platform

62% say facebook

51% says instagram

40% say company website

26% say TikTok

25% say linkedin

16% say TV

6 out of 10 people prefer watching online video content compared to television [Think with Google]
More than 75% of all videos are played on mobile devices [eMarketer]

How important is video?

The Demand Metric yearly report for 2022 [Vidyard] has produced some very interesting results:

82% of respondents report that video, as a form of content, is becoming more important to their organisation. With only 12% showing not much of a change and 6% under the impression they’re getting less important.

But with nearly 93% of participants stating that video converts better than any other form of content they employ, we can only see that positive response increasing. Especially as the percentage of respondents reporting that their company creates more than 51 videos each year has increased by 261% over the past two years.

30% of marketers feel creating videos solves their problem of customer acquisition

24% stated that video widely improves product experience and knowledge

20% believe video increases awareness and visibility

16% reported video helps with innovation to gain the target audience’s attention and show more of the brand’s personality

Gauging direction with analytics

83% of Vidyard’s study participants reported harnessing video analytics. And brands that use advanced video metrics are over twice as likely to report satisfaction with video.

80% recognise the importance of integrating video creation and sharing tools with sales engagement technology, to gauge direction and success.

Video has the power to change your business

Did you know, 80% of internet users can recall a video ad seen in the past 30 days [Small Biz Trends]? With such powerful impact and retention rates, what’s holding marketers back from investing in video marketing campaigns?

23% of non-video marketers don’t use video for marketing as they lack time

16% of non-video marketers don’t use video for marketing as they don’t know where to start with creating video

13% of non-video marketers say they don’t use video for marketing as they don’t feel it’s needed

10% of non-video marketers don’t use video for marketing because it’s too expensive

7% of non-video marketers don’t use video for marketing as they say they’re unclear on the ROI of video

5% of non-video marketers say they don’t use video because they’re unable to convince key decision-makers to use it

Speaking clearly to your audience

The Video Animation Company has found that viewers understand 95% of the message a video is trying to convey. Furthermore, 90% of people and consumers reported that they invested in new brands seen in videos, and 84% of shoppers felt convinced to buy a product after watching a video from a brand.

And, surprisingly, despite social media layouts, 75% of viewers prefer watching a video horizontally as compared to 25% who prefer watching it vertically [Social Media Week].

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s always helpful to get a clear impression of how businesses are leaning, straight from the horse’s mouth. Which is why studies, reports and surveys of this kind, remain a magnificent indicator of what is working and where we can improve.

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